Trinity Martial Arts Academy

Karate training for Fitness, Exercise and Life Skills Development.

For Kids, Teens and Adults of all ages.

Proudly serving Richland and Surrounding areas.

Are you looking for, not just a work-out but, a complete Traditional Karate training program that can change your life?

Do you want to learn self-defense techniques and how to protect yourself and your family?

Are you wanting to find a fun way to exercise and get into great physical shape?

The purpose of training in martial arts is different than most sports. With other sports the focus is on the win. One winner, one loser.

In martial arts training, the win is for the individual. You! You will work on your goals, your strengths and your weaknesses. Always working to make the best you, that you can be.

Come, check us out! We hope you will join us!

Benefits of Martial Arts Training!

  1. Learn the #1  Traditional style of Martial Arts Shudokan Karate-Do
  2. Increased Physical Mobility, Strength, Balance and Cardio conditioning for ALL ages and physical condition!
  3. Increased Confidence
  4. Learn self defense techniques
  5. Gain inner peace.
  6. Progress at your own pace
  7. Learn proper stretching techniques
  8. Helps with mental conditioning
  9. Students will improve balance and stamina
  10. A great way to release the frustration of daily life.
  11. Learn self discipline
  12. New Challenges
  13. Fellowship and a supportive environment
  14. Did we mention how much fun karate is? Yup, it is FUN!

What Trinity Martial Arts offers you and your Family

  • Certified Black Belt Instructors
  • Safe, caring individualized attention
  • Students will learn respect, discipline,physical fitness and very important self-defense
  • Diverse, interesting classes
  • Students will learn traditional Shudokan Karate-Do
  • We teach the philosophy of Karate-Do which emphasizes student progress, personal goals, and physical techniques.
  • Students will have new challenges and direction for every day living.
  • We offer a supportive fellowship
  • We have Flexible Class Times

Karate-Do &  Cage Fitness™ Classes

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