Adult Karate Program

Man in karate-gi holding a boken in the seiza position

Adult Martial Arts Classes

As adults we often look for a great way to exercise.

If you have not thought about taking Karate Adult Martial Arts Classes, let me tell you why you should take a look and consider what Karate can offer you!

Benefits of Karate-Do exercise for Adults.

  • Progress at your own pace
  • Learn proper stretching techniques for Adults
  • Karate Classes are great for Memory retention
  • Develop a positive attitude
  • Learn self-defense
  • Great way to get regular exercise
  • Experience new challenges
  • Relieve tension & frustration
  • And More!!!

Our 1 hour Martial Arts Classes are one of the best ways for adults to get the best workout possible in a shortest amount of time.

You will learn proper stretching for those older muscles and tendons. You will get fit & toned, gain endurance, relieve tension and learn self -defense all at the same time.

If it has been awhile since you have worked out in any way, DON'T WORRY! You will progress at your own pace. There is no age limit either. Men & Women both successfully practice martial arts well into their 70's.

Check us out!

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