Policies & Procedures


Policies and Procedures

Termination of Tuition Policy
If at any time you wish to take a break or stop training, you must notify us in writing 15 days prior to the month you wish to stop payment. Refunds will not be given for payments already processed.
For questions about termination or your account status you contact using the following:

• Call us at 509-308-6046

• E-Mail Sensei Josie at tmaa.josie.franco@gmail.com

• Or message us on Facebook and your inquiry will be forwarded.

Attendance Policy
All students are required to record their class attendance using the current records system. We understand that families try their hardest to be on time. WE have no tardy punishment, however each student must warm-up and stretch before every class. If a student needs to be dismissed from class early they simply need to notify the instructor at the start of class.
Additionally, students must have a minimum of 18 hours of training in a quarter to be eligible for testing. If you know you will be absent for more than a few classes talk to your instructor about make up options.
NOTE: We do not prorate tuition for absences. If you will be gone for two consecutive weeks you may pay per class for that month, however we must be notified in writing prior to the absence.

Policy on Closures Due to Weather
We follow the Richland School District when it comes to closure due to weather conditions. If they cancel school we cancel class as well, if there is a two-hour delay then we will have evening classes, morning classes will be decided on a case by case basis. We will post any closures and make up class schedules (when applicable) on our dojo Facebook page, website, as well as send out an email to all of our students.
When in doubt the best ways to contact us are:

• Message us on the Dojo Facebook: Trinity Martial Arts Academy

• E- Mail: tmaamain@gmail.com

• Check our Website: tmaakarate.com

You may call the dojo as well, however if the weather is bad enough we may not be able to get your message in time to be helpful, so Facebook and e-mail are our primary methods of getting information out.

Make Up Exams
Due to the organization and pre-planning required for our quarterly belt exams, request of a make up exam must be made prior the end of the first full month of the quarter. If a quarter starts for example at the end of September the request must be submitted prior to October 31st. Beyond that date we do not offer make up exams for planned absences.

Mandatory vs. Voluntary Gear
The following is a list of the gear we require our students to have at various ranks, based on their level of control and exposure to new techniques at each rank.
ALL students under the age of 18 are required to have this gear. We strongly recommend all adults utilize this gear as well. If a student does not have the required gear they may borrow the dojo gear when equipment is available. If equipment is not “shareable” (such as a mouth guard or cup and supporter), the student will work with a bag or independently for that class period. In regard to jewelry, hair accessories, and fitness bands-no hair accessories that may harm you or other students will be permitted. No jewelry is permitted in class. Fitness bands may be worn during non-contact portions of the class at the owner’s own risk. Fitness bands must be removed for contact activities. Students are not permitted to have cellphones in class.
White Belts: Mouth guard, cup/supporter for male students, gi and patch
Yellow Belts: Gloves and a helmet with a face shield
Orange Belts: Shin/Instep Guard
Green Belts: Heavy weight gi

Closed Holidays
New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Day
Memorial Day

4th of July (if it falls on a class day)
Labor Day
Halloween (if it falls on a class day)
Thanksgiving – the Wednesday prior and the Thursday of
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
Note: During Spring Break and Christmas break we often modify our schedule due to absentee rates. Please pay close attention to announcements around that time.