Youth Program


Life Skills for Youth 7 & up

Karate is a positive experience for kids age 7 & up to learn life skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Benefits Of Youth Karate Classes

  • Patience
  • Balance
  • Cooperation
  • Coordination
  • Proper Stretching exercises
  • Memory Building
  • Respect for Others
  • The great feeling of exercise
  • Friendship Building
  • Bullying how to deal with it
  • Safety Awareness
  • Self Defense
  • and more

We have Certified Black Belt instructors and our Instructors help each student to learn & grow in a positive manner.

Our classes are based on Traditional Shudokan Karate-Do. Shudokan Karate-Do is one the oldest and most respected forms of Martial Arts.

Students will grow and develop at their own pace. If it takes one student longer to learn a  technique, that is OK. We work with students in an encouraging manner with their Progression at their own pace, personal goals  and the ability to perform each physical technique.